Test 3 : Practice Questions

Examples and Practice Questions

In this section, we will provide you with an example and practice questions. This will assist in getting you familiarized with the structure of the assessment questions that will follow.

An Example:

Consider the below configuration of components that are fixed to the Board. Both Pulleys will rotate as they are fixed to the Board with fixed Axles. They will rotate together as they are connected via a Rope.

As the Pulleys rotate, the larger Pulley with the Rod fixed to it via a red Pin, will cause the rod to move in a certain way and direction. The smaller Pulley will cause the first Gear to rotate, causing the second Gear to also rotate, but in the opposite direction. As the second Rod is attached to this gear via a Pin, it too will cause the second Rod to move in a certain direction.

You will need to identify and choose the correct movement configurations of the Rods by studying the choices below, A, B, C, or D. In some cases there may be more than 1 answer.

Explanation: The correct answers are A and B. The bottom Rod will firstly turn clockwise as the Large Pulley spins clockwise as indicated in A.

This motion will cause the top Gear to turn anti-clockwise with the top Rod moving to the right as indicated in A.

As the Large Pulley keeps spinning clock the bottom Rod will be pulled inward as it is attached to the Large Pulley via a red Pin.

Practice Examples:

Let’s look at a few Practice Examples for you to do. Click on the below to start your Practice Quiz. There is only one correct answer for each question.