CC-T: Select Conductors and Cables

Overview: In this module you will be taught how to select the correct size of conductors and cables, properties of conductors, precautions when using busbars, armoured and unarmoured cables differences and insulation

EM-T-2: Explain the Use of Energy Meters

Overview: In this module you will be taught how to connect energy meters, the construction of energy meters and reading of analogue and digital type of the meters. They are used in the electrical fields to measure voltage, current and power dissipated

TT-1: Explain Transformers

Overview: This module deals with transformers.  You will be taught on how a transformer works, the basic construction of the transformer, transformer losses, and different types of transformers and how to cool down the transformers

EU-T: Analyze Electrical Units

Overview: The purpose of this module is to study the electrical quantities, their units of measurement, and interrelationships amongst them. By understanding the quantities that will assist you in understanding the electrical terms which will be used on your daily basis as the electrical learner

PW-1: Measure Resistances

Overview: In this module you will be taught how to measure resistances using a multimeter and an insulation resistance tester. This will give you a better understanding of using measuring instrument and interpreting the resistance

TI-1: Use Electrical Test Instruments

Overview: In this module you will be taught how to use different measuring instrument correctly and safely.  You will also be taught on how to take good care of these instruments which you will be using on daily basis in the electrical environment doing testing, fault-finding, commissioning, etc.

MA-T: Electromagnetism

Overview: In this module you will learn the description of magnets and magnetism, electromagnetism, magnetic field around the conductor, strengthening the magnetic field around the coil, basic principle of the electric motor, electromagnetic induction, generating of EMF and mutual induction.  These are the basic principles which will help you to understand and create a broad …

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UP-T: Convert Units and Prefixes

Overview: We will teach you on how to convert unit and prefixes as all the electrical calculations are written in unit standard form