LUB-2: Pack a Plumber Block

Overview To familiarise the trainee with grease lubrication and enable him to pack a plumber block correctly with grease.

LUB-1: Set a Drip Feed Lubricator

Overview This module focuses on familiarizing the trainee with the different lubrication methods and enables him to set a drip feed lubricator.

HTT: Use a File and Saw

Overview To enable the trainee to use hacksaws and files safely and correctly to cut, shape and finish materials.

MG: Maintain a Pedestal Grinder

Overview: You will be learning towards the outcome “Maintain a pedestal grinder and sharpen a drill”. Whilst learning towards the outcome you will be required to achieve the following: Inspect a pedestal grinder and report findings. Replace the grinding wheel of the pedestal grinder. Dress the wheels of the pedestal grinder. State the safety rules …

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