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Medium Voltage Short Course

Who is this course for:

A qualified electrician or anyone who works with a qualified electrician on or near power generation, transmission, or distribution systems should attend this medium voltage switchgear training course.  Additionally, supervisors, managers, safety personnel, and those responsible for ensuring a safe work environment should attend this course.

Detailed Outcomes:

  • Operate and maintain medium voltage equipment
  • Control of activities
  • Substations and other electrical installation
  • Fault find a reticulation system
  • Maintain transformers
  • Correct Phasing sequence
  • M.V. Switchgear
  • M.V Reticulation drawings and operation
  • Injection Testing 

Qualified Electrician

5 Days

Min 10, Max 20

Personal PPE – Boots, Overall, Safety glasses

Medium Voltage is a scheduled course which will take place on the following dates:

11 – 15 July 2022

15 – 19 August 2022

5 – 9 September 2022

10 – 14 October 2022

7 – 11 November 2022

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