Need to sharpen your engineering Skills, improve your employability and productivity?

Our range of short and skills courses will improve your knowledge, skills and overall competence in your trade. 

Some of the courses are scheduled as they require a minimum attendance.

ATI Offers the Following Courses

Skills programs

Short Courses

Trade Refresher Courses

everything you need to

Become more Successful with your Engineering Skills

enroll in one of our courses and benefit

Have access to our customizable courses drawn from the foundational trade training material

Be equipped with knowledge and introduction of new technologies that have been introduced to a workplace

Have refreshed and improved skills with regards to regulations, hazards and risks which apply to the work to be performed on or in your area of responsibility

Will have one on one and group training

Be introduced to equipment / practical methods used for workplace training

Receive a Certificate of Completion

What Students Say About Us

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