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Why you need an assessment?

Have you ever considered choosing a technical career path?  Most people don’t know how or where to start.  This assessment is a guide to assist you in determining whether or not you have an aptitude for any of the technical trades. 


Requirements for taking the Assessment​

We highly advised that you take the assessment:

  • in a quiet environment with no distractions,
  • preferably seated at a desk,
  • with pen and paper handy for taking notes or workings,
  • in an area with a good signal or Wi-Fi connection and

You will not need a calculator to complete the assessment.


Assessment Structure

The assessment consists of the following:

  • Four individual assessments.
  • Each assessment will provide you with some background to the assessment, explaining the elements that you will encounter and what you will be expected to do.
  • Each assessment will have at least one example.
  • To ensure that you understand the question methodology, we have included a few practice questions for you to familiarise yourself with the content.
  • Finally, when you are ready, you will click on the Start Quiz button which will start the assessment questions and the timer. 
  • Each assessment will indicate the number of questions as well as the allotted time in which the assessment should be completed. Please ensure that you take note of this and plan accordingly.


Assessment Results

The results from the assessment will be forwarded to our professional staff who will aggregate the scores from each of the four tests on a weighted average basis.  Once they have interpreted the results, you will receive your feedback via email to your registered email address.  Please ensure that you have received a verification email from us when completing the online platform registration. 

The results obtained from the tests should not be used as the only measure for selection.  The final selection decision needs to be made by giving consideration to both-the-job performance and possibly a panel interview assessment.

Finally it must be stressed that the development process does not end after the suitable candidates have been selected.  Supportive development in-workplace strategies need to be in place to ensure that mentoring and regular feedback structures are included into the identified applicants’ individual training programmes.  ATI can also assist you in this matter.


How to use the coupon code

Boost your career today and receive a 70% discount on the assessment.

Coupon Code to receive discount:


Disclaimer: The results of the assessment rely on your state of mind and ability to answer the questions on the day that the assessment is taken.  If you are not operating at your optimal on the day, the results may be severely affected by this.  So if you’re having a bad day, please delay the assessment.  Furthermore, you can achieve anything that you put your heart and mind to.  You are in charge of your destiny so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!